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Marriage Guidance

BrightLife is a world-leading centre of excellence in Manchester, providing therapy and counselling for married couples and individuals. We combine cutting edge research in supporting couples and individuals with our rich tradition and clinical expertise.

Relationship Therapy

Our counsellors provide a caring, supportive and non-judgemental environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship and together we will first help you to identify the issues.

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Reputable Counselling

There are many reasons why you might seek relationship counselling, perhaps as a recommendation from your GP; or you may have well-meaning family or friends suggesting marriage counselling, you may just know there’s something ‘not quite right’ but you’re not really sure what is wrong. The reason you find yourself looking for counselling is not the key factor – what is important is to be open and honest during sessions so that as we work. We can grasp what is happening in your life and work together towards building a more positive and rewarding life.

Quality Service

Gain access to highly-trained and experienced relationship therapists in Manchester – our unrivalled pool of couple experts can help you and your partner today!.


The therapy methods at BrightLife are world renowned – our counselling service is developed to suit your needs, based on our unparalleled knowledge of couple dynamics.


The vast majority of our clients said that our therapy had a great effect in helping them understand their relationship, and were treated well by our therapists.

Taking You Step-By-Step



Get in touch with BrightLife to arrange a free 30-minute taster couples therapy session today!



We will work together with you at the assessment stage to ascertain the issues in the relationship.



Our world-class therapists and relationship counsellors will help you to overcome your heartache.



We always keep in touch to reassure you and be here when you need help with your relationship.




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